Twin Edger, is assembled at Ecosågen sawunit. Edger consists of two vertically mounted blades, diameter 200 mm, which can be moved laterally, adjusting board dimension, through a crank. The edger is activated and positioned with a lever and is driven by a separate electric motor.

The vertical edger blades, makes two tracks in the wood. Then the big sawblades are cutting cutting exactly at the bottom of these tracks. The board is then edged and sawn in the same operation, which is a technological breakthrough in the case of small scale sawmill cutting technology. Patent pending.

Edger blades are split in half, (design protected), which means that they are quickly and easily loosend for sharpening and other maintenance.

Technial data:

Max thickness board
Min width board
Max width board
Dimension adjustment
50 mm
25 mm
250 mm
4 kW
Carbide tipped, 2 pcs