big1big2Ecobig, chainsaw for large-diameter timber, placed on Ecosågens saw frame in which it is a separate entity. When not in use, it is placed at the far end of the saw frame, where it does not interfere with the normal cutting with sawblades.

Ecobig is feeded manually. The guidebar is fixed even at guidebar top. This guarantees a stable manner with very good dimensional accuracy. The chain lubricated effectively through an integrated oil pump.

The powerful saw motor has built-in thermal fuses in the motor windings to ensure optimum performance.

Technical data:

Max saw cut
Max saw high
Min saw high
Power requirments
Guide bar
High adjustment
68 cm (27 in)
70 cm (27 in)
20 cm ( 7 in)
5 kw
10 A, 400V
75 cm, 1,6 mm (30 in)