Prototype of sawmill 1989


Sawmill equiped with Electronic setworks

Sawmill equiped with Electronic setworks

The inventor Stig Blom designed and built the first Ecosågen in 1989. The construction site was at his farm in Delsbo. Already the first sawn board showed that this was an innovation which was very interesting.

A company in Järvsö made the first version of the saws that had a welded beam construction and were painted in blue color.

In 1995 a decision was made to upgrade to a modular construction with mainly laser-cut, bent sheet steel. This second version of the saws are painted in dark green color.

2012 suffered the founder Stig Blom of a severe illness and passed away in spring 2013.

The company is now owned by Roland and Rikard Davidsson. We have previously worked with Stig and manufactured and installed electronical setworks for Ecosågen. All design and manufacturing takes place in Sweden.